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In this special day I wish my mother happy holidays! Say you were laborious!


Mom, now that I have done the mothers, your hard work, love you, I also understand deeper. I wish you a happy mother's day!


Won't be as time goes by, will you love; Not over years of indifference, is my wish: let mother recreation holiday!


Perhaps, in our life, there are a lot of people, a lot of things, experienced turned to will forget, but in our hearts.


Mom, you always in my heart the most soft, the most warm place, I would like to use my life to love you, I wish you a happy mother's day!


Mom, I thank you gave me life, is you taught me to be the truth, no matter how in the future, I love you forever!


The wind and rain outside tormenting me, the house under the warm sun warm I, because of the room with you, I love you mom, forever!


On this special day, I want to say to your mother: mother happy holidays! To my mother in the future days more healthy and happy!


He knows that there are endless joy in mother's little corner of a heart, mom dear arms hugged, the sweeter far than liberty.


Gently a blessing, not the words of the heart, one short message bring my sincere greetings to you, actually I have been very miss you.


Let us give mother a little more love and care, even a fan in summer; Winter in a sweater, let mother moment feel children's care.


Not only in the mother's day this genius to special to care for mother, 365 days, every day is mother's day. Hope mother can happy every day, every day happy!


A mother's love is like the sea, accommodate infinite, a mother's love is like day, without a trace, endless blessing world all mother, and my mom, happy mother's day!


Some love, buried the deeper, the more true; Some things, the longer, the more wonderful; But some love, only say, are the best. I wish mom, happy mother's day.


A hedge between keeps friendship green, so every day, I always don't forget to send a to you: happy holidays. When I finished, I remembered that today is mother's day!


Carnations, may seem a little thoughts, just like her mother; The ends of the earth, everywhere I go, but never go out of your warm eyes, mom, I wish you a happy holiday!


Mom, you recently? I wish you a happy mother's day: water goo goo, cover the quilt, watching television, music, enfolding her tummy, watching SMS, thought that I was happy, always happy!


Without you there is no me, no I dozens of years of sorrow, nor my spring, summer, autumn and winter laughter, thank you for giving me all the wonderful life and growth. Happy mother's day!


There is a love of life, life you planned - a mother's love; There is a person, life worth my love - mother. Today is mother's day, wish my dear mother a lifetime happiness, well-being!


Mother is a thick book, is not love, Syria is not over of affection, say a is grateful, take not to go is memory, read the serial is a mother's love. I wish my mother happy holidays!


Wish every mother: may include every bit of effort you hope to achieve, and let your inculcation and dive to the influence of the children, with excellent blooms throughout the motherland!


The wind and rain outside tormenting me, the house under the warm sun warm I, because of the room with you, I love you mom, forever! The QingDeng of childhood, your story, and my laughter!


Filial piety is very simple: a trip home, how to make a phone call, more patience to listen to nagging, more concern and understanding, more greetings mom. Mother's day, to say my mother a happy holiday.


You are a big tree, you spring dreams, summer leaning against you lush, you mature, autumn winter leaning against your meditation. Dear mom, thanks to give everything to me, I want to wish you a happy holiday!


Mother festival, wish you happy, busy trivial housework don't too tired, a sincere feelings you most precious and wonderful life taste with a smile, "don't want to, I wish you a healthy optimistic to centenarians.


Big love words, love spewing like spring; Affection is flowing, Anna moist heart; A mother's love selfless, pay a love is infinite; Chunhui difficult, grateful always in mind. Mother's day, wish mother in bloom!


Brilliant love day, without a mother's love wide; , no mother love tolerance; The sun, no mother love warm; White clouds, there is no mother's love; Flower, no mother love is shining. Mom, happy holidays!


You may have a wish, let love sweet; You may have on wishes, to work the smooth; Today, you have to in front of the Buddha devout wishes: wish mother healthy forever peace. A mother's love is long, life is short, return good.


Have her care will not feel lonely, you have her hands you will feel warm and have her waiting for distant distance will instantly close again, she has a great name, mother! Don't forget to mother on mother's day wishes!


There is a love, warmth, there is a caring heart to heart, there is a wanderer, poetry, has a name called mother, mother's day is coming, message table, my heart grateful chunhui, mother offered blessings. I wish mom happy holidays!


A mother's love is holding on to, explaining what is eternal; A mother's love is affection, witness to what is by blood; A mother's love is sincere, reveal what is selfless; A mother's love is warm sun, transmitting the light of love!


In the stage of life, a mother's love never absent, stage performance, behind the concern encourage, try reading the human feeling, warm with you continue. Mother's day, the leading role is you in the future. I wish my mother happy holidays!


Today is mother's day, I use the paper of the mind into a most beautiful carnations, to your mother, wish her happy and healthy! For she has brought up you at the same time, make you to become an indispensable friend in my life.


Is the most beautiful face, I strive for success; Is the most beautiful smile, with my life to pursue; Is the most beautiful blessing, I pushed the end of the world. Mother's day arrived, wish my dear mother healthy and happy forever happy.


Mother church before planting plant nepenthes, wish mother happy, no worries, Mother put a basin of bed carnation, wish mother happy and healthy body. Mother ankang son, mother's day, mother SMS blessing feeling well: peace be to mother!


Increasingly vicissitudes of figure, no longer tall and straight waist, the mother turned around in time, the sad white hair, frames the life how much warmth and moved. Mother's day will come, children know Thanksgiving, please take care of yourself!


When you were most proud, she will remind you don't be too proud; When you the most down and out, she will tell you and I; When you make a mistake, she will hold you said it doesn't matter. You will always be children in her heart. She is the mother.


Enjoy love, enjoy life; Losing a mother's love, warmth. Lack of maternal love, lack of heart; Don't forget to love, don't forget at all; Cherish love, cherish affection; A mother's love return, the return of the conscience. I wish the world mother happy happy!


Mother's day, add many miss in the heart, sons and daughters in the mother under the aegis of flying out of eaves, plump wings, disseminated the mother's blood. Give love a pair of wings, fly to her side. Don't forget to send you greetings, and I wish a happy mother.


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